Bring on hip-hop Erasmus

As Peter Berger said, humor posits its “effervescent” reality against the “dense, heavy, compelling” reality of the present.

The Boss and Catholicism: Springsteen’s memoirs

Springsteen’s world remains one of “great and harsh beauty, of fantastic stories, of unimaginable punishment and infinite reward.” The world is “dark and beatific,” a place of intense grace but also where we can turn into devils.

John Wesley, Catholic forerunner?

John Henry Newman wrote, "Who would not rather be found even with Whitfield and Wesley, than with ecclesiastics whose life is literary ease at the best, whose highest flights attain but to Downing Street or the levee?"

The strange endurance of torture

The “logic” of torture, that “it was okay to torture the guilty,” continued in Chicago policing at least into the 1970s.

Femme fatale or ordinary woman? Netflix’s Amanda Knox

The narrative of Judith reminds us that God can work in extraordinarily strange ways through improbable people, and our beguiling stereotypes, including that of the feminine “psychopath in sheep’s clothing,” are quite possibly unwarranted restrictions on God.