Against Virtual Communion

By George Sumner Since the rubrics clearly prohibit remotely consecrating bread and wine, the question of virtual communion is not one which could lead to immediate action, which is for the best. We can ther... Read More...

Spiritual Communion and Eucharistic Ecclesiology

Pastors and theologians are searching for options for sacramental celebration while under social distancing regulations. Some proposals, such as “virtual Communion,” further perpetuate the individualistic tendencies that pervade American Christianity by obscuring the ecclesial contours of the sacrament.

Communion in Chaos in the UMC

The coronavirus pandemic has shuttered United Methodist Churches throughout much of the United States. Over the past week Methodist pastors have made many difficult decisions. More are still to come.

Two Communion cultures

By Peter M. Doll. Here is the challenge the Covenant poses to the churches of the Anglican Communion: to commit themselves to a deeper fellowship with one another.


By Patrick Twomey We see the placards in front of hospitals and clinics: HEROES WORK HERE! The doctors, nurses, and all medical professionals on the frontline of treating COVID-19 patients deserve our pra... Read More...