O Holy Spirit, Giver of Life,
Illumine my sin,
Which lurks and creeps in darkness:
Give me your life,
Which swirls and leads into light.

O Holy Spirit, Inspirer of Languages,
Release my tongue
From cynical cursing,
To praise you, Father and Son,
With eloquent wisdom.

O Holy Spirit, Remembrancer,
Refresh my memory,
With words of Moses and Jesus,
To help me follow your ways
And imagine your future.
O Holy Spirit,
Cascading water, coursing down the mountainside,
Whirling wind, sweeping up the valley,
Flaming fire, crackling in the hearth,
Soothing oil, seeping into cracks of an old cricket bat,
Fill me.

Graham Kings
27 August 2017
St. Beunos, North Wales


About The Author

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Graham Kings (@MissioTheology) is Mission Theologian in the Anglican Communion, a new post set up by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Durham University, and the Church Mission Society. Prior to this he was Bishop of Sherborne; Vicar of St Mary’s Church, Islington, London, where he co-founded Fulcrum; Lecturer in Mission Studies in the Cambridge Theological Federation, Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity, and founding Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide; Vice Principal of St Andrew’s College, Kabare, Kenya (as a CMS Mission Partner); and curate at St Mark’s Church, Kensal Rise, London.

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