This still seems worth tending to (not least as just published by ACNS), as we sift what, in the end, General Synod decided on the matter of women bishops in the C of E. I recommend watching the video version — about 10 minutes in all — though the text may also be read. (That’s Dr. Colin Podmore, a fine historian and servant of the C of E–now serving as Clerk to the General Synod–in the red tie behind the archbishop.)

Jeremy Fletcher produced a workmanlike and seemingly reliable live blog of the debate following Rowan’s words.

And here’s a good piece from the Guardian that sums it all up: This July Synod will vote on the final legislation, after the bishops have had a chance to tinker with it a bit, per the archbishops’ request. At that point it will need a two-third’s majority in both houses to pass.

May I say, as an American Episcopalian, that various bumps in the road, awkwardnesses, and general disorder and hurt feelings notwithstanding in the C of E debate over the last years, it’s refreshing that the proposal finally has been placed in the hands of bishops before a final vote. This surely is meet and right, ecclesiologically and theologically.


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Dr. Christopher Wells is executive director and publisher of the Living Church Foundation.

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Lionel Deimel

Happily, The Episcopal Church does not place such decisions solely in the hands of bishops.