POSITIONS OFFERED: Rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at Federal Point, Florida

St. Paul’s Church at Federal Point (East Palatka, Putnam County, Florida) is searching for our next rector. We are a congregation with a small group of faithful followers comprised of long-time members and a couple of young families in a changing community west of St. Augustine. We have been located in Putnam County on the east bank of the St. John’s River since 1880, and we are interested in embracing the changes to the community to the continuation of our witness and ministries in the area.

Federal Point on the St. John’s offers unique recreational opportunities, and Stanton Landing on the church property is the site of community gatherings and a favorite stop along the canoeing, hiking and bike trails passing through it.

Our rector opening will appeal to young families, youthful retirees, and bi-vocational clergy alike. We seek to fulfill a hunger in our members for joyful worship, sound Christian formation, outreach opportunities, and fellowship. To learn more about St. Paul’s and Federal Point/East Palatka, contact:  Rhonda Williams, Senior Warden (386) 983-1659

We seek a faithful priest who will shepherd us, mirroring the Savior’s compassion, while challenging us to expand our circle of care and concern, and lead by example. This position is part-time but may expand to its customary full-time status as we embrace our changing community. Salary and benefits will be negotiated and includes a handsome 3-bed, 2-bath rectory.