POSITIONS OFFERED: Rector, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas, is calling for a new rector. Our parish is comprised mostly of vibrant and active seniors dedicated to our church family and to the outreach programs that serve our village and surrounding communities. We are looking for a spiritual leader who will guide this congregation serving our mission statement:  “Holy Trinity Episcopal Church exists as a family to serve God and all people by living the Gospel of Christ”.

Our website https://www.holytrinityhsv.org/rector-search displays our story and a deeper look at our parishioners’ commitment to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

Beyond our church story we offer a lifestyle second to none.  Hot Springs Village is physically the largest gated community in the United States with 11 lakes and 9 golf courses. The web page https://www.holytrinityhsv.org/hot-springs-village offers information about this community and the lifestyle afforded to residents.

Contact: George Donnelly (501) 915-0626 Search Committee Chair 

The Rev. Canon Jason Alexander (501) 372-2168 Diocese of Arkansas