Position Offered: Priest, Wausau, Wisconsin

Wausau, Wisconsin, a small city, with big city feel is the home of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. SJB is looking for a priest who will continue to actively minister with the folks in the vibrant and diverse downtown district. The worship style at St. John’s is broad church, which allows parishioners to enjoy traditions that are on the “higher” end and some that are on the “lower” end of the liturgical scale. Wausau is a community that has worked to include, and meet the needs, of all people in its community; and St. John’s has been in parallel step in this process. To see more, visit www.stjohnswausau.org or diofdl.org. Send letters of inquiry, resumes and OTM portfolios to Transition Minister, Rev. Meredyth Albright at transitionfdl@gmail.org. Applications are currently being accepted.