Position Offered: Associate Rector, Middle East


 Missionary work in any Middle Eastern country is not for everyone, but for those who sense a call from the Lord, it can be the adventure of a lifetime. The Diocese of Dallas is assisting a church in the Middle East in its search for a priest who wholeheartedly loves Jesus and is a contagious believer. The candidate must have an American passport. 

 While Anglican/Episcopal by temperament and theology, the candidate must be able to connect with those from Methodist, Lutheran, Ex-Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Filipino, Ukrainian, Cypriot, Russian, Indian, Indian, Sri-Lankan, Irish, Singaporean, and 30 other nationalities. The position requires someone who is highly flexible, team-minded, can operate at a high energy level, and is willing to adapt to life in a diverse nation of Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, and Arab believers, as well as unbelievers. The sensitivities of the local culture will allow only a male priest to function. 

 Salary is commensurate with experience. A furnished rectory with utilities included is provided as well as travel monies and help with travel expenses. Free schooling with American Curriculum. This is an immediate hire. 

 Please send a CV or RESUME with as much background as you wish — as well as your current position details and information about your marital status and family size, age, etc. Please list your ministry skill set and tell us about yourself in a brief cover letter. Send to: INFO: [email protected]