POSITIONS OFFERED: Priest and Rector, St. George’s Church, Jacksonville, Florida

St. George Episcopal Church
Jacksonville/Fort George, Florida

We seek to be a caring, Christian community enjoying the peace of this island sanctuary and sharing God’s love through faith, healing and service. Come and See!

Nestled between the resort towns of Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach and the largest city by area in the contiguous U.S. — Jacksonville, Florida, you will find a slice of beauty, peace, and history called Fort George Island. This is the home of St. George Church. In 2022 we will celebrate 145 years on the island. Each Sunday after service we build valuable bonds with a pot-luck lunch in the parish hall. In addition to our unique worship style and services, twice a year you will find us holding worship service on the beach and enjoying a picnic lunch. We invite beachgoers to join us in this, God’s beautiful, natural setting. We are a welcoming congregation rich in generosity to others in need, including our sister church, San Lucas in Sibanicu, Cuba.

We seek a priest who will guide us to all things spiritual in God’s word and a Rector who will lead this special church on a journey for the future. To learn more about who we are, please visit our website saintgeorgejax.org and call Elizabeth Diamond 904-535-6838.