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Six Mexican Parishes that Offer Services in English

When many Americans took longer summer holidays, Episcopalians often attended one of the many seasonal chapels dotting American coastlines and lakesides. These chapels were typically supported by Episcopalians looking for a place to worship within their seasonal enclaves. Clergy positions were filled by priests willing to work in exchange for holiday accommodations.

While many seasonal chapels still exist, taking long summer holidays in the same place year after year is no longer the norm in America. Today, Americans are traveling farther, wider, and in greater numbers.

One of the many nations Americans will travel to this season is Mexico. Last year, more than 27 million Americans visited Mexico, making the nation the top foreign destination for American travelers.

Although there may be no seasonal chapels in Mexico, there are plenty of Anglican churches that offer English language liturgies. Anglicanism has a deep and storied history in Mexico.

Todos son bienvenidos — all are welcome!

Christ Church, Mexico City

Established in 1865, Christ Church is the oldest Anglican church in Mexico, and it features the design of renowned Mexican architect Carlos Mijares-Bracho. Christ Church welcomes Anglicans from around the world, from Nigeria to Australia. Initially founded by British and American expatriates looking for a place to worship while on business or diplomatic mission, Christ Church has blossomed into a diverse community of believers.

Christ Church offers two English language liturgies — a spoken service at 9:30, and a choral Eucharist at 11 a.m. Chapultepec Park, Mexico City’s largest park, is mere blocks from the sanctuary. Christ Church hosts concerts during the week.

Holy Trinity, Oaxaca

Holy Trinity, Oaxaca

Worshiping in a walled garden, Holy Trinity brings a new, sunshiny vigor to the old hymn line “for the beauty of the earth.” Holy Trinity’s Sunday Eucharist is at 11 a.m., and the service is in English. It is located about five blocks from Oaxaca’s historic Zócalo, or town square, so after the service, you may enjoy strolling the storied streets of one of Mexico’s great cities.

Christ Church By the Sea, Puerto Vallarta

Have you ever wanted to attend worship in a palapa, a traditional thatched roof house? Here is your chance! The congregation of Christ Church by the Sea worships mere feet away from the white sand beaches of the Pacific Ocean. Since 1991, Christ Church has offered both Word and sacrament to travelers and residents of Puerto Vallarta. Christ Church also maintains a feeding ministry at a local school for migrant children. The parish has a growing music ministry, and its service in English is at 10 a.m.

St. Luke’s, Merida

On the northern end of the Yucatán Peninsula, about three hours away from Cancún, St. Luke’s is a vibrant and growing church in the historic city of Merida. St. Luke’s offers an English liturgy at 10 a.m. and a Spanish liturgy at 11:30. St. Luke’s also maintains a robust social outreach to the impoverished residents of Merida’s south side called Buen Pastor, or the Good Shepherd. Every Sunday at 5:30 p.m., St. Luke’s offers the Eucharist, a meal, and basic household supplies to south side residents. The city of Merida is replete with many well-preserved examples of Spanish Colonial architecture, significant Mayan cultural sites, and — just outside the city — Yucatán mangrove forests.

St. Mark’s, Guadalajara

Since 1949, St. Mark’s has been a faithful presence in the city of Guadalajara. St. Mark’s is firmly rooted in the Anglican expression of the faith. One of the church’s ministries is offering Spanish editions of the Book of Common Prayer. St. Mark’s offers two bilingual services every Sunday at 1:30 and 3 p.m. St. Mark’s is in the trendy Monráz neighborhood, which includes many coffeehouses and restaurants.

St. Mary Magdalene, Rosarito

Less than one hour from San Diego, St. Mary Magdalene’s is a growing Anglican community in the coastal city of Rosarito. St. Mary Magdalene’s has ministered to the people of the Baja since 2017. The parish celebrates its English Eucharist every Sunday at 10 a.m. It is only steps from the beach.


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