Sunday's Readings

3/22 Readings: Now I See

Though enlightened, we cannot see all the workings of Christ. The working of God perceived by our senses and accessible, though in a limited way, to our thought, is a very small measure of what God is doing and how God works.

3/8 Readings: Stillness and Growth

Discipleship is felt in the tension between two legitimate and apparently contradictory ways of responding to the call of God. One is to remain stationary and rooted; the other is to move and grow.

2/23 Readings: True Light

Moses, representing the law, and Elijah, representing the prophets, appeared with him, showing that the law and the prophets are assumed and fulfilled in Christ.

2/16 Readings: Overabundant Righteousness

It is not enough to do the good, one must will the good. It is not enough to refrain from evil actions; one must refrain from evil thoughts and feelings (anger, lust, jealousy) which likewise damage human community.