ACC: Time to Retool?

Members of the Anglican Consultative Council reflect on the present and future of the Instruments of Communion.

Missional Young Anglicans

Archbishop Rowan Williams was excited about a book launch in Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland, on Sunday.

God’s Extraordinary Love

“God’s love for the world is extraordinary; without cause, absolutely free, absolutely, overwhelmingly unreasonable.”

+Benhase on +Lawrence

“It would be a painful loss to lose members of the Diocese of South Carolina from our Church.”

Primates Support +Lawrence

Global South letter: “We all want to assure you and the Diocese of South Carolina of our continuing prayers and support.”

Praying in Public

“It felt good to be there praying with the man. It felt like I was where I belong, where God wanted me to be.” —Bishop M. Thomas Shaw

+Sutton Writes on 3 Measures

In a pastoral letter to Episcopalians in Maryland, Bishop Eugene Taylor Sutton reflects on gambling, the Maryland Dream Act, and same-sex marriage.