Bombs Kill 3 in Nuba Mountains

By Morning Star News The Sudanese military in the last two weeks has bombed more non-Arab people in largely Christian areas of the Nuba Mountains.

Uruguyans Discouraged

The Diocese of Uruguay says it feels “abandoned and unsupported” in its bid to transfer to another province.

Will Parliament Intervene?

By John Martin The Church of England’s House of Bishops will meet in emergency session early Wednesday to consider next steps on women in the episcopate.

Taking Texts Seriously

By Douglas LeBlanc Little time passed Nov. 17 before Episcopalians began condemning the Rt. Rev. Mark J. Lawrence and the Diocese of South Carolina.

December 2 TLC Posted

The Dec. 2 edition of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

Charges Grieve Several Bishops

Bishops of Communion Partners “call upon all concerned to seek a non-juridical solution to these difficult matters.”

Beauty Meets Substance

By Lauren Anderson “This is a church that doesn’t set a limit, but sees a horizon to go to and beyond.”