Texas Bar Honors Iona Student

The Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas has inducted James C. Harrington, a student at the Iona School for Ministry, as a Texas Legal Legend.

Prayer amid Catastrophe

Bishop Barry Beisner: “God bless, strengthen, protect, and sustain them, along with all firefighters and emergency responders.”

Grief, Prayers, Action

The Bishop of Los Angeles and Bishops Against Gun Violence respond to the latest mass shooting in the United States.

West Mo. Bishop to Retire in 2021

The Bishop of West Missouri has announced his intention to retire in September 2021, and the Standing Committee has said a canonical mediation process was a partial success.

Student Makes Prosthetic Hand

Jenna Rogge spent close to 90 hours designing, scaling, printing, and assembling the parts for a functional prosthetic hand that she named the Raptor.

New Chaplain for Daughters

Krisita Jackson of Orlando, national president of Daughters of the King, has announced that Bishop Greg Brewer is the new national chaplain.

Plan for Tax Changes

This year’s increase in the standard tax deduction could reduce incentives to give, but there are still paths to giving-related tax breaks.