Nevada’s Renewed Bishop Search

Bonnie Polley, president of Nevada’s Standing Committee: “We are excited we are currently developing criteria for a new Bishop Search Committee.”

Bishop Blesses Bikers

TV station WSYR has provided a snippet of Bishop DeDe Duncan-Probe of Central New York blessing local motorcyclists and their vehicles May 11.

Bishop Smylie’s Visit to Tanzania

During Bishop John Smylie’s visit, Kenyan bishops explored several topics, including evangelism, church planning, and Fresh Expressions of Church, and their commitment to a covenant relationship among their dioceses.

Mass. Studies Canons, Constitution

“We’re not aiming to go away in a corner and come back with what we as a committee think would be the perfect constitution and canons, and then say to everyone, ‘Here you are.’”

Vermont Elects Indiana Priest

Bishop Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows: “I take particular note that Vermont, having previously elected the first woman to serve as diocesan bishop in the Episcopal Church, has now elected the first black woman to serve as diocesan bishop in Province I.”

Abp. Ernest Called to Rome

Abp. Welby: “Archbishop Ian [Ernest] will bring to his new role a wealth of experience in practical ecumenical engagement, and significant connections throughout the Anglican Communion.”

Broderick Bound for Beverly Hills

Announcement from All Saints’, Beverly Hills: “Janet [Broderick] most recently served as Rector of St. Peter’s, Morristown, and has guided the parish to find their strength in love poured out by Christ in his life, death, and resurrection.”