‘Protect Children Not Guns’

Episcopalians gathered in Springfield, Massachusetts, outside the headquarters of Smith & Wesson Corp. to rally behind protest signs that asked the gun manufacturer to “Stop Selling Assault Weapons.”

‘Too Darn Costly’

A Milwaukee church building that closed its doors in November may soon be resurrected as an event venue and apartment complex.

Women’s Caucus Declares Victory

Episcopal Women’s Caucus: “Through political means, the Caucus had a singular strategic goal: to gain for women the right and privilege to be ordained to the priesthood and consecrated to the episcopate.”

Will the Catechism Change on Marriage?

Bishop Daniel Martins: “[W]hile a diocesan bishop can decline to permit use of a trial rite ‘in the ether,’ a bishop cannot proscribe use of material in the Book of Common Prayer.”

Canon Harris on the MeToo Committee

The Rev. Canon Mark Harris writes at Preludium about “a sad testament to the level of disunity, fracture and lack of maturity, that keeps us from the ‘full measure of the fullness of Christ.’”

Bishops on Gun Violence, Harassment

“We will walk with the youth of the United States today and into the future in choosing life”; “Bishops who are women know the “MeToo” experience. Some bishops who are men know it as well.”