Delegated Oversight in London

In the new London Plan, the Fulham parishes are a church within a church — for that is what every diocese and every episcopal area is or should be.

Radical Hospitality

Some signs were so old and rusted that service times were no longer readable. One was attached to a chain-link fence with razor wire crowning the top.

New: 7/1 TLC Online

This edition includes Kirk Petersen’s survey of the charms awaiting bishops and deputies in Austin.

Avian Morning Prayer

Bishop Audrey Scanlan: “[T]he call of the birds — their first ‘words’ to the world — are what fill my senses and command my attention.”

A Garden for the Poor

Roger Joslin: “There’s many people who can’t afford fresh fruits and vegetables and nutritious food, kind of getting by on staples.”

Worthy of Survival

In the heart of French Canada, the whole Church faces declining numbers, declining funds, and declining interest. But in the Anglican Diocese of Québec, an eclectic mix of clergy looks beyond survival, with hope, into an unknown future.

New: June 3 TLC Online

In this edition, news editor Matthew Townsend writes about the challenges faced by the Diocese of Québec.