Parish Serves At-Risk Community During Pandemic

The Fresh Start ministry at St. Luke's, Columbia, South Carolina, offers the city's most popular food pantry and a variety of services, including intentional HIV-AIDS outreach. Social distancing has complicated the task, even as the disease strikes African American communities with greater intensity.

Church Program Reaches At-Risk Youth in COVID Crisis

The Arts and Acceptance project at St. Luke's-in-the-Fields in New York, which provides a space space and resources for LGBT homeless teens, is adapting its activities to support a population deeply threatened during the current crisis.

Dallas Food Pantry Shifts Outdoors

The decades-old food pantry at Dallas' Church of the Ascension has shifted to an outdoors delivery model while seeing increased demand during the COVID-19 crisis.

Fund Offers Support Grants For Deacons in Need

The Fund for the Diaconate has launched an emergency assistance grant program to support deacons in financial distress. More than half are over 72, in the most vulnerable age category for impact by COVID-19.