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Christmas gifts, Christmas book reviews, and the story of a 16th century painting that has found new life as a postage stamp.

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Advent’s Radical Prophet

William Blake viewed himself first not as a poet or an artist, much less a political activist, but as a prophet, a seer who glimpsed the glory of God and was forever transformed.

The Spiritual History of Oil

We seldom reflect on the nature and purposes of energy itself and the kind of people and societies we need it to create. Dochuk has skillfully and subtly raised a number of questions for our contemporary society, and for Christians in particular.

A World of Grays

Kingfishers Catch Fire is a World War II play depicting the devastating hate of a Nazi massacre, followed by extraordinary grace.

Well-Placed Charity

We are to become shrewd Samaritans without a shred of guilt for “not doing enough!” We can never solve the issues before us, nor should we set out to try.

Investing for an Impact

The Episcopal Church seeks to influence the behavior of companies through shareholder advocacy, but new rules from the Securities & Exchange Commission may hamper the effort.