Egypt’s Anglicans Offer Challenge to Intolerance

The role of the Anglican Church in Egypt is to be a humble, honest Christian presence within the majority population, articulate when opportunities occur and questions emerge, but always embodying the evidence of what was once notably described as “being with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13).

Deacons Play Evolving Role

Prior to 1960, the diaconate functioned largely as a terminal ministry for women and a long-term holding pattern for racial minorities. After the mid-60s, deacons were reframed as having a role representing Christ in a way that functionary priests do not.

Unveiling God’s Grace

This daily devotional contains contributions from 63 authors who write from a variety of backgrounds and Christian denominations. Each entry sings about God’s grace abounding to sinners.

Dalí and the Psychology of Sin

Although Dalí’s ambition outruns his ability to resolve all the contradictions that his work contains (quite in contrast to Dante), his attempt at the Divine Comedy is at least a reminder of the slow, cumulative, step-by-step nature of life as a pilgrimage.

Learning Latin from Fr. Reginald Foster

Reginald became a celebrity, a myth, in part, of his own making, which functioned as an effective advertising campaign. Students came because he was a great Latinist, but they also came because of the stories they heard about him.

2020 in Review: The Episcopal Church

The pandemic undoubtedly did more than any other factor to affect the lives of Episcopalians and the workings of the Episcopal Church in 2020 -- and the pandemic dominated TLC's news coverage. But racial issues provided another strong theme, as the Church joined society's anguished considerations of racism in the wake of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police.