Old Hymns, Fresh Grooves

Growing interest in making old hymns more upbeat and up-to-date has coalesced into a small-scale movement in North America.

Book-Crafting Monks Adjust to New Technology

As libraries have switched to electronic books and periodicals, bindery orders have plunged, raising questions about the bindery’s long-term future. But the monks’ commitment to the craft, and to physical books as objects worthy of great care, has not wavered.

God Knows We’re Messy, and That’s OK

A child-focused ministry practice is attracting people who haven't been to church for years -- or decades. "It is the kids who can't wait to come back, who are asking for Messy Church more often, who are dragging their parents along.”

Barton’s Bible Balancing Act

In A History of the Bible, John Barton seeks to demonstrate the diversity, greatness, and even incongruence of some of the Bible’s constituent parts with the faiths that appeal to them. Barton acknowledges this may be “an uncomfortable balancing act.”