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Tony Clavier

On Schism

By Anthony Clavier  Steps by GAFCON and the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches to “cancel” the Archbishop of Canterbury from leadership of the Communion...

Communion, Conflict, and our Common Home

By Anthony Clavier I was baptized in St. Thomas’s Church, Worsbough Dale, which rests on the side of a hill, a few feet from the border...


A return to the parish model would involve training seminarians and young clergy to create core groups of lay people who live into their baptismal promises, having the courage to be missionaries in the territorial parish, caring for the sick, relieving poverty, providing young people with tools to live for Jesus in a secular world.

The trivial round

Placing names on the prayer list commits the parish to be involved in the lives of those for whom we pray.

Protestant or Catholic?

A debate that began about halfway through the 16th century continues to this day.

Call to remembrance: Our Catholic and Reformed past

Are Anglicans Protestants who have taken on the trappings of Catholicism, while eschewing its discipline?

Calling the shots

I don’t believe that doctrine should be legislated, period. This was once a fairly common view in Anglican circles.

Apostolicity at stake 

This issue is not about who may tell TEC what to do, but whether apostolicity is to remain a feature of Anglicanism.

The ignored minority

On Sunday, the Episcopal Church invests its new Presiding Bishop and Chief Pastor. One significant and growing minority won't be represented.

Why we do this

Receiving the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist is treated like a weekly Pill by some of us.