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Sarah Puryear

The Rev. Sarah Puryear lives in Nashville with her family and serves as priest associate at St. George’s Episcopal Church.

A Lesson from Winnie-the-Pooh

How to Engage Children with Scripture  By Sarah Puryear At six years old, my son is squarely in a Winnie-the-Pooh phase, which makes my husband and...

Turn It Up to Eleven: Holy Week Music from Andrew Peterson

Resurrection Letters by Andrew Peterson seeks to draw the listener into the events at the heart of the Christian faith.

Why I Gave Up My Smartphone for Lent  — And Took It Back

I realized my smartphone had become my centering point — or rather, my decentering point.

Keep These Words in Your Heart

My three-year-old son poured water over my hand with a little shell, anointed my hand with some olive oil in the sign of the cross, and handed me a candle — over and over and over again.

Humble King of Kings

As the king of all, Jesus could have come down from the cross, as the bystanders dared him to do.

Why technology is killing us

We love the ease and convenience technology gives us, but we have traded something precious in embracing the next iGadget.

Homegrown VBS: Rescuing our children from the pandas

Most VBS curricula pander in pathetic ways to pop culture, skimp on thoughtful interpretations of Scripture, and leave kids with throwaway craft projects and a thin version of the Christian faith.

Baptism: A new birth into a living hope

Baptism's new reality forms the very core of our faith in God and our understanding of ourselves — in baptism we have been united to Christ and given his risen, powerful, incorruptible life.

Liturgy of the ordinary

The ordinariness of the day is not something to be skipped over in favor of some shining, imaginary future.

In praise of staying put: Benedictine stability in today’s world

The Benedictines have shown me another pattern of faithfulness: the pattern of committing to a place and a community and refusing to run away.