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Richard Kew

The Rev. Richard Kew is priest associate at St. George’s Church, Nashville. He was born and raised in England, was educated at the University of London and London College of Divinity, and was ordained to the priesthood at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London, in 1970.

Two Decades of Daily Devotions, and Still Going

With the launch of TLC's new website, you can now subscribe to Covenant, receiving it every day right in your inbox. — Editor. Just days before 9/11,...

The Culture of Bullying in the Body of Christ

I was a scrawny kid in an English boys’ boarding school, small for my age, a late developer, sitting prey for bullies. For several years...

The Glory of Grandparents: The Age of the Grandparent Has Arrived

By Richard Kew When in 1985 our family moved to Sewanee, Middle Tennessee was very different than it is now. I often jokingly described Nashville...

New Millennium, New Church

By Richard Kew It is thirty years since the late Bishop Roger White and I authored New Millennium, New Church, the first of several books...

Twenty Helps When Looking for a Move

Since I have been kicking around the church as a priest on both sides of the Atlantic for more than fifty years, I was recently asked if I had a few tips when searching for another call. I came up with this rag-tag selection of ideas. When he read them, my friend suggested these might be helpful to others at a transition point in their ordained life. So I offer them to that end.

Living with Cranmer’s Lectionary

Cranmer’s Kalendar demonstrates the basic principle that Anglicans are meant to engage Scripture, as far as possible, in its entirety.

Dementia strikes my younger brother

Reason tells me that there is little more I could have done for Chris, yet remorse lingers.

Has the RCL revised too much?

Huge portions of Scripture have disappeared, never to be used in public worship or to engage our minds.

Evangelicals: The missing piece in the Episcopal Church

The relative absence of evangelicals is one reason the Episcopal Church has become a poorer and far less representative place.

Trump the inevitable? The long lead-up

With the wisdom of hindsight, I realize the preconditions for this situation have been clicking into place from at least the Sixties when I was in university and seminary.