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Peggy Eastman

Risk it All in Mission

Participants in Missional Voices heard challenges to risk everything in sharing Jesus’ love.

‘Peace of a Sort’ after 9/11

Events at Washington National Cathedral marked the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

National Cathedral to Mark 9/11

The Rev. Shaun Casey of the U.S. State Department will preach and teach Sept. 11 at Washington National Cathedral.

‘Overcome Whiteness’

Panel at Washington National Cathedral discusses America’s history of racial violence.

Dana Gioia: Why Poetry Matters

“I don’t necessarily think Snoop Dogg is the new Shakespeare, but hip-hop is the reinvigoration of oral poetry.”

‘Compensator for His People’

A former Lost Boy works for a self-sustaining South Sudan.

Grassroots Missions at VTS

Missional Voices attracted leaders from across the country, including the Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers.

‘Make a Renewed Commitment’

Bishop Curry: “Love is not a sentiment; it is a commitment to live not for myself alone.”

Storytellers and Transformation

Marvin A. McMickle: “God is not just entrusting the story to us. God is entrusting the congregation’s time to us.”

Trust Not in Guns

Bishop John Richard Bryant: “We keep saying the gun will protect us and yet it seems to make us more violent.”