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Neva Rae Fox

Neva Rae Fox is a communications professional with extensive Episcopal experience, serving the boards of TLC Foundation, Bible and Common Prayer Book Society, Episcopal Community Services - NJ, and others

Open-Air Celebration

The members of St. David’s Church have stepped outside the parish’s four walls and into the streets of a neighborhood of the nation’s capital.

Telling the Story of Our First Deaconesses

A healthy dose of curiosity and a love of research has led a deacon to uncover information that revises accepted Episcopal Church history.

Saint Thomas Fifth Avenue Celebrates 200 Years

Founded in what is now Greenwich Village, Saint Thomas is known for its solemn liturgies and its emphasis on the arts — architecture, painting, sculpture, glass, metalwork, textiles, and music.

Civil Rights Martyr Jonathan Daniels Wins Golden Halo

Lent Madness is now in its 14th year

Broadway Blessing: A Prayerful Pause for Actors

"Theatre is a very spiritual endeavor"

Meet Hong Kong Province’s New Diplomat

The Rev. Kenneth Lau previously served as assistant provincial secretary

Beirut Boys Return to Maine for Another Year of Schooling

“This isn’t just a way of helping a couple of attractive young men to continue their education. It’s a direct link to a threatened ministry in a threatened part of the world.”

‘Last Deaconess’ Priscilla Jean Wright, 1934-2022

The Rev. Deacon Sister Priscilla Jean Wright, the last living deaconess of the Episcopal Church, died September 11 at the Community of the Transfiguration...

Bishops Have Varying Hopes for Lambeth

Whether a bishop is attending Lambeth for the first or second time, enthusiasm runs high.

Japanese Anglicanism’s First Female Bishop

“My understanding is that the people of the Diocese of Hokkaido did not elect me because I am a woman”