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Matthew Burdette

What If the Lord Really Speaks?

Too many of us did not learn what it means to say that the Bible is the Word of God.

Why You Should Be on My Theological and Political Team

I am going to make my case for a Christianity that is not defensive and does not subject itself to perpetual revision in order to keep up with the demands of a culture that despises the Christian faith anyway.

In memory and anticipation of Robert W. Jenson

One of America’s greatest theologians, Robert W. Jenson, died Sept. 5 in Princeton at age 87.

6 thoughts after Charlottesville

The first step is to commit to long-term strategies, rather than have our actions dictated by the urgency of the moment. As Slavoj Žižek put it, it is time to think and not act.

‘Theological’ theology and ministerial training

Ministerial training has increasingly moved towards the “practical” and the ethical, and away from the doctrinal and the abstract. What is implicitly said is that what matters is that ministers can offer pastoral care and lead communities in improving society

What Comes Next? After Evangelism Matters

The Episcopal Church has for too long had a culture of squeamishness about evangelistic mission.

The saints will judge the world

The kingdom of God will come in the way of revolution.

A sacred conversation on race: Speaking the Word of peace

The Church’s members very often cannot tell the difference between the Church’s message and that of some other community.

A sacred conversation on race: Genesis and context

“A Sacred Conversation on Race” was born out of admitting that we, the baptized, do in fact experience racial enmity.