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Matt Townsend

Matthew Townsend is the former news editor of The Living Church and former editor of the Anglican Journal. He lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Homeless in Halifax

Known for its deep roots in Canadian history, Atlantic Canada’s most populous city offers a more dystopian view of the country’s present: hundreds of tents have spilled into public squares and parks as officials grapple with an unprecedented housing shortage.

Jubilate: A Conference on Prayer Book Revision and Language

A thoughtful discussion, intended to equip the church to talk openly and with theological rigor about our common prayer.

Church Decries “Irresponsible” Paris Agreement Withdrawal

"The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement represents a serious obstacle in the global effort to curb climate change," said Bishop Marc Andrus,

The Spiritual History of Oil

We seldom reflect on the nature and purposes of energy itself and the kind of people and societies we need it to create. Dochuk has skillfully and subtly raised a number of questions for our contemporary society, and for Christians in particular.

Well-Placed Charity

We are to become shrewd Samaritans without a shred of guilt for “not doing enough!” We can never solve the issues before us, nor should we set out to try.

World Series Wager Ends in Celebration for National Cathedral

Friendly Twitter battle between Washington and Houston cathedrals ends in light show in DC and vestments in Houston, a tribute to the victorious Nats.

Northern California Churches Coordinate Wildfire Evacuation

Clergy from three Sonoma County Episcopal churches are providing pastoral care and emergency relief to displaced families, supported by the Diocese of Northern California and Episcopal Relief and Development.

Unexpected Duty Leaves New Priest Sheepish

What does one say when blessing a thousand sheep?