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Mark Michael

The Rev. Mark Michael is editor-in-chief of The Living Church. An Episcopal priest, he has reported widely on global Anglicanism, and also writes about church history, liturgy, and pastoral ministry.

Bishops Respond to Former President’s Shooting

Episcopal Church leaders responded to news of a bullet grazing former President Donald Trump's ear at a Pennsylvania campaign rally July 13 with calls to prayer and calming words for a troubled nation.

Same Sex Blessings in the C of E: ‘The Bus Rolls On’

The Church of England’s General Synod has narrowly backed standalone services for blessing same-sex unions alongside a provision for conservative parishes to register for delegated episcopal oversight.

Closing General Convention in a Rush

The pressures of time led to a number of widely-supported compromises: new liturgical canons that secured protections for conservatives alongside prayer book revisions desired by progressives, and a concession to the bishops’ insistence that the State of Israel is not an “apartheid” regime.

New Primate for Japan

Bishop David Eisho Uehara succeeds Bishop Luke Kenichi Muto, who has served as primate since November 2020.

Mixed Support for Communion Across Difference in Deputies

While approving conscience protections for the ordination and deployment processes, progressives used a series of parliamentary moves to defeat resolutions to renew the church's Task Force on Communion Across Difference and alter disciplinary canons on doctrine.

C of E Conservatives May Form New Province

A group of Church of England evangelicals may form a third province if General Synod allows a three-year trial for stand-alone services of same-sex blessing.

‘Parliamentary Ping-Pong’ on Israel-Palestine

Members of the House of Deputies spent nearly two hours of floor discussion on June 26 seeking to alter moderating language inserted by the House of Bishops into two resolutions about the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Bishops Back Communion Across Difference Canons

Bishop John Bauerschmidt described Resolution A092 as “one of those canonical amendments that has purchase in both directions.”

Committee Divides on Prayer Book Redefinition

General Convention’s Committee on Constitution and Canons issued a rare split decision on a major issue at its first in-person meeting on June 22.

Bishop Allin, Women’s Ordination, and the Zebra Book

Remembering the 1973 General Convention in Louisville