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Kirk Petersen

Kirk Petersen began reporting news for TLC as a freelancer in 2016, and joined the staff in 2019. He focuses on governance, and tries to keep a sense of humor.

General Convention COVID Cases Exceed 100

At least a dozen bishops are among the infected.

Closing General Convention in a Rush

The pressures of time led to a number of widely-supported compromises: new liturgical canons that secured protections for conservatives alongside prayer book revisions desired by progressives, and a concession to the bishops’ insistence that the State of Israel is not an “apartheid” regime.

Indigenous Day of Remembrance Authorized

The remembrance is part of the church’s commitment to repenting of the Indian boarding school movement’s sins.

Mixed Support for Communion Across Difference in Deputies

While approving conscience protections for the ordination and deployment processes, progressives used a series of parliamentary moves to defeat resolutions to renew the church's Task Force on Communion Across Difference and alter disciplinary canons on doctrine.

Deputies Back Rules Changes, Nix Longer GC

Some Episcopalians feel strongly about their governance structures.

‘Parliamentary Ping-Pong’ on Israel-Palestine

Members of the House of Deputies spent nearly two hours of floor discussion on June 26 seeking to alter moderating language inserted by the House of Bishops into two resolutions about the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Deputies Give Navajoland a Joyous Welcome

A change in status will allow the Diné to elect their own bishop for the first time.

Ayala Harris Handily Wins Re-Election as PHoD

The election was the first time in decades that a president of the House of Deputies faced opposition when running for re-election.

Deputies Reject 10% Assessment, Back Healthcare Changes

Diocesan assessments to remain at 15 percent, while healthcare inequities will be addressed.

Neuhauser Honored for Half-Century of Responsible Investing

Paul Neuhauser, a law professor from Iowa and an active Episcopalian, used an SEC administrative process to argue for a resolution on corporate investment, and “we won.”