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John Deepak Sundara

The Rev. John D. Sundara is the Vicar for Worship and Evangelism at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, Houston, TX.

From Law to Grace: The Gospel in the Holy Eucharist

As I grew up, it was fairly common to hear the Summary of the Law, right after the Collect for Purity, at the very...

Prayer Drives Congregational Growth

Kevin Martin’s recent article “Who Are We Missing?” highlights a valid sociological and theological commonality among some of the largest congregations in the Episcopal...

A Thicker Constellation of Vocation

It’s become commonplace to talk about vocation. In many ordination processes, the discerner is expected to articulate their vocation to the priesthood. Many college...

The Decline of Celebrity Pastors

Contemporary evangelicalism has always been adept at using technology to advance its missionary outreach. The latest iteration of this aptitude has been the way...

Beauty in the Pandemic

Perhaps that is one reason to live-stream — not that it would lessen our absence from each other, but that it would heighten absence, and thus teach us to yearn.

Inhabiting the Same Cradle

When I use the phrase cradle Episcopalian, it implies that there is more to the Episcopal faith.