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Jody Howard

The Rev. Canon Joseph B. "Jody" Howard is Canon to the Ordinary of the Diocese of Tennessee.

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part III

Previous essays in this series have explored the matrix of an honor-shame culture in American Southern history, and how the American church found itself...

Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part II

In “Honor, Shame, and the Gospel in the American South, Part I,” I identified several challenges that the mimetic rivalry that race-based slavery and...

The Apple Tree and the Long New Year

The ending of a year and beginning of another is a more liminal and porous transition than first imagined. We experience some certainty about...

Johnny Cash’s Rooted Gospel

Trains, Jesus and Murder: The Gospel According to Johnny Cash By Richard Beck Fortress. pp. 205. $13.99 As an Amazon Associate, TLC earns from qualifying purchases. “We are from...

Pray for the City

How does a vision of a thick civic culture relate first to the policy of allowing for religious tax exemption, and then to the question of whether churches ought to allow their clergy to sign marriage licenses?

A Memorial to the 79th General Convention

We hope that this memorial can contribute in some way to the staking out of a broad and comprehensive orthodoxy, clear principles to guide part of our shared future.

The return of clandestine marriage?

The next General Convention could enshrine something very much like the clandestine marriages of medieval times.

Politics, partisans, and the Church

I joked with my classmates that if we really wanted to bar membership in groups that inhibit faithfulness to the gospel, we should forbid membership in the Democratic and Republican parties.

The malice of perpetual outrage

We talk about helicopter parents, but society has become filled with helicopter observers, who presume tragedy would be averted if they were in control.

Who do you want to be?

Who we vote for, and who we elect as a society, may not be the most important thing, but it does say something about how we see ourselves, and who we want to be.