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Clint Wilson

Communion and Consent

Hospitality does not mean inviting people into the most sacramentally intimate spaces of the Christian life, it means being honest about intentions, healthy boundaries, the shape and form such commitments will take, and yes, eventually, the intimate sharing of one body with another. If consent is important in our debates about sexual boundaries, how is it also not important for sacramental boundaries?

The Open Door to Closed Communion

In the foreword of Thomas Howard's book, Hallowed Be This House, the philosopher Peter Kreeft outlines Howard's project by calling the reader to imagine...

Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Ecumenical Imperative

Bonhoeffer’s theology speaks acutely to today’s moment.

Shame in the Light of the Gospel

"The Gospel does not make sense, unless you have a heart to enter your own shame."

St. Anselm and Prayerful Theology

St. Anselm can only be understood in light of his aim: the joy-filled experience of the beatific vision.

The Sound of Silence

It is Good Friday, when the silence of God is stronger than the noise of men.

Witnesses in Holy Week

This week, we are witnesses of this spectacle: Jesus' death and resurrection.

Polyphony of Life in the Diocese of Tennessee

Amid division over same-sex marriage and the blessing of same-sex unions, the Diocese of Tennessee strives to live in humble unity.

A Christian manifesto on home-buying

Buying a house appeals to basic human desires of independence, order, tranquility, family, status, and acceptance.

iGen and incarnation

Excarnation leads to disengagement with others, objectification of others, and ugly internet debates.