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Emily Hylden

Worshiping God with Heart, Mind, and Body

The body is never neutral in worship, “never merely a body,” but always interacting with other bodies, with traditions and assumptions, with cultural locations, with expectations and limitations, and with the Creator of bodies.

Awaiting a Superhero

By Emily Hylden On the way to school this past month, my four-year-old told me, sadly and gravely, that there were no real superheroes. His...

More Women Ought to be Churched

There are plenty of rituals bursting into the lives of childbearing women in the United States today.

Mrs. Maisel’s Mistake

It seems passé for a 21st-century streaming series to send the message that a woman can’t have it all. So what gives?

Grief and the Presence of God

The desire, and lack of solution, for more attention to God continues to gnaw at the corners of my mind and heart. And then this past weekend, my dog died.

None Righteous, No Not One

To admit disaster to our Father in heaven: this is the found coin, the recovered sheep.

The humility of travel (with children)

It was the proverbial first time we had flown with our son.

The sharpening joy of motherhood

Every relationship invites us into new sharpening from God.

After birth

I fell deep and headlong into a pothole: preparing for the birth of my first child, but not what came afterward.

Helicopter pastoring

The work of the Church must belong to the body of Christ, which is much, much more than the bodies of the priested.