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Elizabeth Orens

The Rev. Elizabeth Orens is priest associate at St. Paul’s K Street, Washington, D.C.

The Rewards of Deep Listening

Next to my desk is a pile of treasured books about silence, solitude, and the desert fathers: Martin Laird’s Into the Silent Land, Sarah...

Solitude Among Saints and Artists

Solitude encourages us to seek inner serenity, to affirm the spirit, to recognize creative possibilities.

Lament and Healing through Art

By Elizabeth Orens A number of Christian poets, musicians, and visual artists have responded to the COVID pandemic, offering their gifts in churches and cathedrals...

‘We Copy His Creativity’: Elders and the Arts

The scientific evidence is clear. Offering opportunities for older adults to engage with the arts and to celebrate their talents enhances their happiness, their physical vitality, and their sense of identity and purpose.