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Dennis Raverty

Dr. Dennis Raverty is a retired associate professor of art history, specializing in art of the 19th and 20th centuries, and gives frequent presentations, both live and online.

Layering Christian and African Symbolic Worlds

Veteran African American artist Ben Jones has long explained his art as a corollary of his spiritual journey, having not only a formal beauty and a social message, but also a spiritual purpose.

The Slumbering Shepherd: A Case of Mistaken Identity

The Good Shepherd window designed by John La Farge is among the artist’s last and most magnificent works in stained glass.

Saint Francis and the Embodiment of Grace

St. Francis modeled a fully embodied approach to the spiritual life, by imitation of Christ's poverty and suffering and ultimately by the physical marks of the stigmata on his body.

Freedom and Transfiguration on the Frontier

To fully appreciate the painting within its historical context, we must understand that the frontier West was not merely a geographical region in the 19th-century imagination.

The Quiet Alchemy of the Ordinary

Part of the effect of this photographic installation is that these pieces are so unlike anything else in the church, which is in almost every respect entirely conventional in all its furnishings.

Posey Krakowsky’s ‘Creole’ Quilts

Spirit-Driven Stitchin’ Church of the Heavenly Rest 1085 Fifth Avenue New York City November 6-December 31 Posey Krakowsky’s sumptuous quilts not only sew various disparate fabrics, surface designs, and...

Turner’s Apocalyptic Vision

Turner elevated modern landscape to the sublime level that had formerly been reserved for biblical, mythological, or historical subjects.

Memory, Simulation, and a Usable Past

Appreciating the religious art at New York City churches

Blashfield’s Forbidden Garden

By Dennis Raverty Edwin Howland Blashfield’s magnificent Angel with Flaming Sword, now on the rear wall in the nave of the Episcopal Church of the...

An Intimate, Franciscan Crucifix

By Dennis Raverty At first glance, the Franciscan crucifix at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City looks like a traditional Byzantine-style Eastern Orthodox...