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Dale Rye

The excluded middle

Party spirit has invaded the Church. To be taken seriously, one must be either a traditionalist or a progressive.

Woe to Assyria

Westerners cannot use reason to talk IS out of conducting jihad. So what is the solution?

An annotated list of Daily Office apps

As promised, here is a rather long list of smartphone and tablet applications focused on the Daily Office.

Daily Office in your pocket

In some respects, this is a Golden Age. Not only are many versions of the Office now in print and online, but Daily Office junkies can find a slew of good applications for smartphones or tablets.

Blind justice? An exchange on Ferguson: part 1

Racism is a horrible scar on the American soul, but we need to fight it appropriately.

Congregations rule

The bottom-up, congregational model is legally mandatory in Texas. So, a professedly Methodist congregation is only connectional if it chooses to be so and signs legal documents to that effect.