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Blake Sawicky

The limits of self-awareness

“Self-awareness” has become something of a cultural phenomenon of late. Yet for all its benefits, there are limits to what it can achieve.

Teachers and learners: Catching the kingdom together

We "catch" our religion from one another; we join our teachers in the faith in holy fellowship.

The liturgy, the crucible of love

What is at stake in worship is not perfect performance but, by the power of the Holy Spirit, union with Christ in his sacrifice, offering every part of ourselves and our lives to God.

What is your orientation?

Reflections on returning home by another way. "Our vocation in this whole communion begins in the corner we find ourselves, exercising our priesthood in offering our lives and everything they touch, to the redemptive purposes of God."

What we have taken with our lips…

When people ask why I became Episcopalian, sometimes I respond by saying I was converted by the ablutions.