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In our cover story, Matthew Townsend interviews some of the growing number of people “living rough” in tents in Halifax, and describes how Anglican churches are working to support them.

Christopher Beeley describes the frightening irony of being in Jerusalem for a conference on religious unity when Hamas launched its attack on Israel, and Israel began to retaliate. He writes:

“For four days we remained sequestered at the cathedral, where we continued to work and pray, share meals, and to breathe the air of the garden. … As the conflict rapidly escalated, it became clear that we must flee for safety.”

I, Julian is a fictional autobiography of Julian of Norwich, the beloved 15th-century mystic and saint, and the first woman to write a manuscript in English. Christine Havens offers a book review and study guide, and writes that the book is “a remarkable undertaking, giving shape and form to a voice that still inspires Christian, secular, and spiritual readers to this day. Gilbert anchors readers in Julian’s life, using her gift of vibrant imagination — and what a gift to receive.”

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  • Bishops Decry Attacks on Israel, Subsequent War | By Douglas LeBlanc
  • Letter from Jerusalem
    Working on Anglican-Orthodox Unity in the
    Shadow of War | By Christopher Beeley


  • Our Churches of the Advent | By Mark Michael
  • Homeless in Halifax | By Matthew Townsend
  • Finding Hospitality in the Wilderness | By Zane Johnson
  • I, Julian Discussion Guide | By Christine Havens


  • Who is Left Behind?: An Advent Meditation
    By Wesley Hill


  • An Inspired Life | By Melissa Strickler
  • Dreaming the Bible | By Sue Careless
  • Benedict, Holy Cross Founder Flank Christ in Icon | By Richard Mammana Jr.


  • Advent: The Season of Hope | Review By Beth Maynard
  • All Creation Waits | Review By Cole Hartin
  • How to Be a Patriotic Christian | Review by W.L. Prehn


  • Sunday’s Readings
  • People & Places


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