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The October 15 Fall Books and Education issue of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

The cover features a discussion on the future of Anglican theological education, with contributions by Garwood Anderson of Nashotah House; Bishop Kirk Smith, who worked at four seminaries in recent years; and Hannah W. Matis of the University of the South’s School of Theology.

They engage such questions as the place of online courses, the importance of core curriculum, and the advantages of studying in person as part of a community.

This issue also includes the first-place entry in TLC’s annual Student Essays in Christian Wisdom competition. Bei-En Zou, who serves as a lay Anglican preacher in Melbourne, reflects on “Psalmody and the Desert Fathers.” She writes:

In its liturgical use, the Psalms not only gave shape to the external life of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, but also governed and guided their internal life. In the Sayings of the Desert Fathers, Athanasius’s Letter to Marcellinus, and the later and more systematized theology of Evagrius Ponticus, the Psalms were acknowledged as unique among the Scriptures, offering both didactic and therapeutic support to the abbas and ammas.

In our news pages, Kirk Petersen reports on the Diocese of Albany’s electing the Rev. Jeremiah Williamson, an advocate of same-sex marriage within the Episcopal Church, as its 10th bishop.

“The clergy in the Diocese of Albany, as a group, appear to be considerably more conservative than the laity,” he writes. “This is the opposite of the apparent pattern in the church’s domestic dioceses as a whole, in which more than 90 percent of bishops diocesan support same-sex marriage.”

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  • Albany Elects Advocate of Same-Sex Marriage | By Kirk Petersen


  • The Future of Anglican Theological Education: An Educators’ Discussion
  • Cultures: Saint Francis and the Embodiment of Grace | By Dennis Raverty
  • Student Essays in Christian Wisdom
    Songs in the Desert: Psalmody and the Desert Fathers | By Bei-En Zou
  • Catholic Voices: Roman Catholicism Aims for a ‘Synodal Church’ | By Martin Browne
  • Covenant: Christian Teaching in a Post-Literate Society | By Abigail Woolley Cutter


  • Becoming Cosmopolitan | Review by John L. Kater
  • St. Andrew’s: Not Just Another School 
| Review by Patrick Gahan
  • Pilgrims and Revelations | Review by Hannah Matis
  • Super-Infinite: The Transformations of John Donne | Review by Drew Nathaniel Keane
  • God in Gotham | Review by R. William Franklin
  • Journeys of the Mind | Review by Lawrence N. Crumb


  • Sunday’s Readings
  • People & Places


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