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On the cover, meet the Rev. Dr. Matthew S.C. Olver, the new executive director and publisher of the Living Church Foundation. In his inaugural column, Matthew describes how he almost “disbelieved for joy” when God called him to lead an organization dedicated to the unity of the church. As Kirk Petersen describes in a biographical sketch, it’s almost an accident that Matthew is even Episcopalian.

In News, Charlie Holt has quickly recovered from the nullification of his election(s) to be a bishop in the Diocese of Florida. He landed a rectorship at one of the largest churches in Jacksonville, and Kirk has the story.

In an accompanying editorial, TLC is troubled by the appearance that the broader church, in denying Holt a bishop’s miter, has punished him for the alleged misdeeds of the current Bishop of Florida.

Rosie Dawson describes the English General Synod’s “Culture of Mistrust,” and Sue Careless reports that the retired longtime primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, Michael Peers, has died at 88. Dana M. Jean tells us Bishop of Puerto Rico Rafael Morales Maldonado, who recently assumed the role of bishop provisional for the Diocese of Cuba, is intent on visiting every church in his second island diocese.

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