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On the cover, the new organ at St. George’s in Nashville has four keyboards and 3,067 pipes, ranging in length from 32 feet to a quarter inch. Susan Byrum Rountree tells us it also has the congregation singing like never before, and “you can hear the love coming through the pipes.”

In News, the Anglican Church of Canada’s General Synod postponed action that would have reduced the ability of a minority of bishops to scuttle legislation — as occurred in 2019 regarding the marriage canon. Jason G. Antonio and Sue Careless discuss that and other synodical matters.

Kirk Petersen reports that the adult sons and ex-wife of Bishop Prince Singh have publicly accused him of years of physical and emotional abuse. Meanwhile, all the candidates in the Albany bishop election have pledged to follow church policy on same-sex marriage, while Southern Ohio fielded a slate that includes a prominent member of the presiding bishop’s staff.

Bonnie Nichols Scott profiles a growing church in Columbia, South Carolina, while Dennis Raverty describes a lowbrow modern take on a highbrow Renaissance painting.

In De terra veritas, Mark Michael examines liturgy through the lens of baseball rule changes. John Bauerschmidt celebrates a beloved collect with origins in the eighth century.

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  • Canadian Synod Retains Bishops’ Voting Powers
    By Jason G. Antonio and Sue Careless


  • In Search of Growth: Renewed Fellowship, New Staff
    Bring Growth | By Bonnie Nichols Scott
  • Finding a Voice | Susan Byrum Rountree
  • Freedom and Transfiguration on the Frontier
    By Dennis Raverty
  • Fledgling Retreat House Draws Prominent Leaders
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Asteroid City | Review by Christine Havens
  • 27 Hymns | Review by Ryan Flanigan


  • Abundantly More | Review by Ben Lima
  • The Vowed Life | Review by Charles Hoffacker
  • The Roman Mass | Review by Matthew S.C. Olver
  • St. John’s Cathedral Psalter | Review by Jason Abel
  • A Body of Praise | Review by Emily Hylden


  • Baseball, Leisure, and the Liturgy | By Mark Michael


  • Holy Desire and Good Counsel | By John Bauerschmidt


  • Children of the God of Israel
  • Sunday’s Readings
  • People & Places


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