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On the cover, Robyn Douglass reports on the Anglican Church of Australia’s efforts to support greater autonomy for Indigenous parishes. The Rt. Rev. Keith Joseph in Queensland “hopes to be the last white fella bishop of this area.”

The Anglican Church of Uganda generally supports a new Anti-Homosexuality Act, Douglas Leblanc reports, but the church favors life in prison rather than capital punishment for “aggravated homosexuality.”

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry was hospitalized briefly for internal bleeding and a heart condition, and canceled several weeks of travel plans. Meanwhile, the new “Profile for the Election of the 28th Presiding Bishop” specifies that Curry’s successor should have “an aptitude for leadership through systemic change,” as the church faces continued membership declines. Kirk Petersen has both stories.

Top officials of the Diocese of Haiti have been arrested or are sought for arms trafficking, as the diocese and nation remain in chaos. In the Church of England, allegations of sexual abuse (or the mishandling thereof) are leveled at an evangelical priest and a retired archbishop.

In a more positive vein, Kirk caught up in Rwanda with the Anglican Church in North America’s Bishop of South Carolina, who described the respectful relationship he and his Episcopal counterpart have developed.

Mike Patterson profiles a growing church in Blanco, Texas. Christine Havens describes the global Anglican effort to combat human trafficking, and the emergence of blacksmith priests in the United States. Emilie Teresa Smith visits a church under construction in Colombia, and Jeff Boldt describes moving his family to Egypt for ministry.

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  • Church Backs Prison, Not Death, for ‘Aggravated
    Homosexuality’ | By Douglas LeBlanc
  • From Rwanda, a Tale of Healing in South Carolina
    By Kirk Petersen


  • In Search of Growth: Spreading the Welcome Mat in
    the Hill Country | By Mike Patterson
  • Making Mission a Two-way Reality with Indigenous
    People | By Robyn Douglass
  • Anglican Alliance Fights Trafficking with Safe
    Migration | By Christine Havens
  • Passing Through But Once: Sacred Travel
    By Darren S. Herring
  • West Indian Churches Leasing Land for Income
    By Melissa Williams-Sambrano
  • The Church Under Construction in Colombia
    By Emilie Teresa Smith
  • On Shared Humanity and Diverse Religion: Notes
    from Egypt | By Jeff Boldt
  • Suffrages Recycled for Personal Prayer | By Charles Hoffacker


  • The Quiet Alchemy of the Ordinary
    By Dennis Raverty
  • Tempered by the Holy Spirit: Clergy Metalworkers
    By Christine Havens


  • A Catholic Appreciation of Tim Keller
    By Jonathan Mitchican


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