Bishop Singh Accused by His Sons of Physical Abuse

Bishop Prince Singh | Accusations posted on Facebook

By Kirk Petersen

The adult sons of Bishop Prince Singh have publicly accused their father of physically abusing them throughout their childhoods, and the bishop has requested a formal church investigation of the allegations. Singh, the former Bishop of Rochester, has served as bishop provisional of the combined dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan since 2022.

Presiding Bishop Michael B. Curry’s office acknowledged the request for an investigation under Title IV of the canons, and issued a statement saying: “Please be assured that these allegations are being taken seriously, and that Bishop Curry has been in contact with Bishop Singh’s sons and his ex-spouse during the past several months.”

“It is my firm belief and hope that the investigation will determine that I have not broken my vows to the church and my adherence to the canons,” Singh said in a message to the dioceses. He said a transparent investigation is essential because the dioceses “have a recent experience of trauma related to bishop misconduct.”

Bishop Whayne M. Hougland Jr. was leading both dioceses in 2020 when he was suspended for a year after admitting to an extramarital affair. He resigned near the end of the suspension.

In lengthy, separate Facebook posts, Nivedhan Singh, 30, and Ekalaivan (Eklan) Singh, 22, both described growing up in an environment of anger and violence.

Nivedhan Singh |

“I remember one day before school when he kicked me while I was on the ground screaming in pain because he was holding my crying baby brother at the time, so he could not use his hands,” Nivedhan Singh wrote. In a telephone conversation with TLC, Nivedhan, an audio engineer in Nashville, described “the irony of going to church every Sunday and seeing my dad preach about nonviolence and turning the other cheek, and then to come home and the very same hands that he had used to baptize a child that morning, he would then use to physically abuse me.”

Eklan Singh is an actor and musician in Fairport, New York, a Rochester suburb. He wrote that when he was 8, his father burst into a room screaming. “He was holding our landline phone in his hands and raising his voice like an angry god. He then threw the phone at my mother, but it missed and hit me instead,” he wrote.

Eklan Singh |

Bishop Singh referred inquiries to Katie Forsyth, canon for evangelism and networking for the diocese, who declined to comment on the specific allegations.

Roja Singh, the bishop’s ex-wife, is an associate professor of sociology at St. John Fisher University in Rochester. Asked about her sons’ Facebook posts, she replied, “I validate their experiences. Yes, I definitely do.”

When asked to describe her experience of the marriage, Roja said: “I can say that objects were thrown at me. He has raised his hand in threatening to hit me, but he has not. He has threatened me waving a knife at me.” In January 2021, “I left the house because I did not feel safe,” she said. Their divorce was completed in June 2022.

The sons went public with their accusations after Bishop Singh announced plans to remarry. “Unfortunately, this has created a hurt-filled and harmful reaction within my family, now in a public way,” he wrote in the message to the dioceses. In a separate message, he posted a six-minute video describing how he reconnected a year ago with a woman he had dated in seminary, and said they would be married in August in India. He identified her only as Ato, and Forsyth declined to provide the woman’s full name.

The sons said their father and Curry both should resign. Eklan Singh told TLC that he had written to Curry after Bishop Singh first announced his engagement in December. “The presiding bishop knew all the information I wrote in my letter and still did nothing. So after talking with my brother and my mother … we decided to go public,” Eklan Singh said.

Roja & Prince Singh | 2014 Facebook post

Public Affairs Officer Amanda Skofstad said the presiding bishop would have no comment beyond the statement.

Bishop Singh told the dioceses: “I have offered to submit myself for comprehensive psychological and alcohol evaluation by a clinical professional. By taking my sons’ concerns seriously, I hope that this will keep open the possibility of reconciliation.” Both sons described their father as a habitual heavy drinker.

“The presiding bishop’s office has not called for a suspension or restriction on ministry. I will, however, take a week’s break to do the clinical evaluation, and will go on a reflective retreat during the week of July 4th,” Bishop Singh wrote.

The dioceses of Eastern and Western Michigan agreed to share a bishop and other staff in 2019, and began a discernment process regarding a possible reunification of the dioceses. Forsyth said she expects the discernment will be completed before the next General Convention, in June 2024.


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