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Our cover is devoted to the coronation of the Church of England’s Defender of the Faith, with team coverage provided by Philip Corbett on the Mall, a Rosie Dawson wrap-up of celebrations in churches around the United Kingdom, and Peter Eaton on the sacramental significance of a coronation.

The Standing Committee of the Diocese of Ohio voted against giving consent to the consecration of Charlie Holt in Florida, and Kirk Petersen has the story. Kirk also is back from Kigali, Rwanda, with a package of articles on the fourth GAFCON conference, at which the conservative Anglican movement formally rejected the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Sue Careless reports that a Canadian bishop has been suspended from ordained ministry, pending investigation of unspecified misconduct. Episcopalians are involved in an effort to gather 100 million signatures in Korea in support of reconciliation between North and South, and Douglas LeBlanc describes the challenges.

Dylan Thayer profiles the priest at a growing Delaware church, while Lauren Anderson-Cripps describes a complex, $63 million real estate project in support of Church of the Epiphany in New York City.

Dylan also has a report on the “halo effect,” the term the nonprofit Partners for Sacred Spaces uses to describe the benefit of a church on the surrounding community.

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  • Ohio Standing Committee Withholds Consent for
    Florida Election | By Kirk Petersen


  • Impressions from a Theological Liberal at GAFCON
    By Kirk Petersen


  • The Coronation from Street Level | By Philip Corbett
  • Celebrating the Coronation at a Distance
    By Rosie Dawson
  • Anointed, Blessed, and Consecrated | By Peter Eaton


  • In Search of Growth: ‘What Is Jesus Doing Right Now?’
    By Dylan Thayer
  • ‘A Mindset of Transformation’
    By Lauren Anderson-Cripps
  • Study Helps Churches Expand Their ‘Halo Effect’
    By Dylan Thayer
  • Worship, Discipleship, and Vocation: Pandemic
    Reflections | By Heidi J. Kim


  • Becoming Leaders of Profound Change
    By Kristine Blaess


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  • Children of the God of Israel
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