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Our cover art is “Resurrection,” by Ukrainian artist and iconographer Ivanka Demchuk.

In News, the struggle over the future of the Diocese of Florida continues. Kirk Petersen has an in-depth account as the diocese begins the process of seeking consent to consecrate the Rev. Charlie Holt. Allison DeFoor tells us that when Samuel Johnson Howard first became bishop, he was the target of criticism by conservatives, not liberals. And nominee Miguel Rosada writes that his voters would have switched to Holt, giving him a comfortable margin of victory.

Douglas LeBlanc reports that the Province of Southern Africa has approved pastoral prayers for same-sex couples (while rejecting a bid for same-sex blessings), and Kirk describes how David Read will succeed David Reed as Bishop of West Texas.

A blank page can be either unnerving or a source of inspiration. Jill Duff recommends childlike faith to enable a person’s unique contribution.

A growing number of Episcopal churches are establishing multisite congregations, a model pioneered by evangelical churches, and Lauren Anderson-Cripps has the story.

Delving into history, Richard J. Mammana Jr. recounts the racial evolution of the Moravian and Episcopal churches, and Mike Patterson traces two centuries of service by the Bible and Common Prayer Book Society. Three people who knew him well reflect on the life of the late Frank Griswold, the 25th presiding bishop.

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  • Diocese of Florida Determined to Pursue Consents
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Bishop Howard Was Once a Target of Conservatives
    By Alison DeFoor


  • Excerpt from Lighting the Beacons | By Jill Duff
  • Parishes Go Multisite for Mission
    By Lauren Anderson-Cripps
  • Two Histories of Race and Faith
    By Richard J. Mammana Jr.
  • Society Donates Bibles and Prayer Books for Nearly
    200 Years | By Mike Patterson
  • Looking for Partners Helps Illinois Parish Grow
    By Bonnie N. Scott
  • Easter’s Asceticism of Festivity | By Timothy O’Malley
  • Remembrances of Frank Griswold
    By Jeffrey D. Lee, Phoebe Pettingell, and Paul Zahl


  • An Easter Book of Days | Review by Daniel W. McClain
  • The Passenger and Stella Maris
    Review by Christine Havens
  • What Makes You Come Alive
    Review by Marcia Hotchkiss
  • The Old Testament and God
    Review by Brandon M. Thompson


  • Children of the God of Israel
  • Sunday’s Readings
  • People & Places


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