Communion Partners Express Concern about C of E Decision

Fourteen Communion Partner Bishops of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada expressed “deep concern” about “recent developments in the Church of England around the blessing of same sex unions, with implications for the unity of the Anglican Communion, and the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury among the Instruments of Communion.”

Noting that the decision had led ten primates of the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches to state that they no longer recognize the Archbishop of Canterbury’s role as the Anglican Communion’s leader, the fourteen bishops said,

“We recognize that these new developments are a clarion call to the establishment of new patterns of relationship in the Anglican Communion that will strengthen the life we share. More specifically, we take note of the proposals for a covenanted Anglican Communion offered by the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches. The Churches of the Communion share a common life and are in need of means for seeking common counsel and common direction.”

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