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When you think of Episcopal music, the words banjo, fiddle, and harmonica may not come to mind. But in our cover story, Lauren Anderson-Cripps describes how bluegrass liturgy has contributed to the growth of a Tennessee church. Surf’s up in Florida, and Dylan Thayer rides the wave of another growing church.

In News, Kirk Petersen reports on a church court challenge to a second bishop election in the Diocese of Florida. The court alleges that Bishop Samuel Johnson Howard may have affected the election for his successor through “a pattern and practice” of discrimination against LGBT clergy.

Rosie Dawson tells us the General Synod of the Church of England chose a middle path on same-sex relationships — thereby drawing harsh criticism from both directions. Reporting from the Anglican Consultative Council meeting in Ghana, Mark Michael describes challenges to the global role of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and efforts to calm the waters.

Christine Havens reflects on poetry as an expression of church in the secular world, Kirk is back with the challenges of measuring online worship “attendance,” and Richard Mammana Jr. writes of a Pennsylvania church facing fines of $500 a day for feeding the poor. In two tales from the 18th century, we’ve got Trent Pettit on a Brazilian sculptor with crippled hands, and Simon Cotton on a beatified lacemaker who saved priests from the French Revolution

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  • Church Court Questions Florida Election’s Fairness
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Appalachian Music, Anglican Liturgy Resonate
    in East Tennessee | By Lauren Anderson-Cripps
  • Waxing the Surfboard at Holy Trinity, West Palm Beach
    By Dylan Thayer
  • What I Witnessed at Asbury
    By Theresa Wilson | Photos by Asher Imtiaz
  • Uniting Poetry and Ritual | By Christine Havens
  • How Do You Measure Online ‘Attendance’?
    By Kirk Petersen
  • ‘Living Out the Faith’: Five Minutes with Joshua Caler
    By Richard J. Mammana Jr.
  • Lisboa: A Figural Reading for a Crippled Church
    By Trent Pettit
  • Mauriac: The Brave Little Nun’s Basilica | By Simon Cotton
  • Judaism and Jews in the Revised Common Lectionary
    By Ellen T. Charry


  • The Medieval Mind of C.S. Lewis | Review by Ben Lima
  • Dante the Theologian | Review by Matthew Rothaus Moser
  • Christian Socialism | Review by John Orens


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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