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The January 8 Parish Ministry issue of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

In our cover story, Charles Hoffacker explores a legacy of kindness at a New Jersey church where his forebears worshiped for generations.

In News, Kirk Petersen describes the formalization of the alliance between the two oldest Episcopal seminaries, in which General Theological Seminary has essentially become a subsidiary of the much larger and wealthier Virginia Theological Seminary. Douglas LeBlanc reports on the coming elevation of new archbishops for Polynesia and for Indigenous Canadians. Doug and Kirk profile new bishops coadjutor for New York and Ohio.

In De terra veritas, Mark Michael calls on the people objecting to the election of Charlie Holt to accept the fact that the majority of the Diocese of Florida has twice chosen to elect a theological conservative as bishop.

Bonnie N. Scott explores how churches are adapting to the challenges of post-pandemic Sunday School. Neva Rae Fox marks the 25th anniversary celebration of Broadway Blessing, an interfaith paean to live theater. Steve Rice celebrates the maniple, a little-used vestment that has strengthened his priesthood.

After the Official Youth Presence at General Convention was jettisoned along with much else as a COVID precaution, Weston Curnow presents “5 Under 25,” profiles of some of the church’s next generation of leaders.

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  • Partnership Ensures Survival of Smaller GTS
    By Kirk Petersen


  • Sunday Schools Build Back after COVID Challenges
    By Bonnie N. Scott
  • 5 Under 25: Conversations with Emerging
    Episcopal Leaders | By Weston Curnow
  • A Legacy of Kindness at St. John’s, Elizabeth, N.J.
    By Charles Hoffacker
  • Broadway Blessing: a Prayerful Pause for Actors
    By Neva Rae Fox
  • Fistfuls of tears, Fistfuls of Joy | By Steve Rice


  • Posing the Eternal Questions | By Pamela A. Lewis


  • Repackaging Christianity | Review by Charlie Clauss
  • Witness to Dignity | Review by W.L. Prehn
  • The Malines Conversations
    Review by Richard Mammana Jr.
  • Sonorous Desert | Review by Elizabeth Orens
  • Archbishop William Temple | Review by Charles Hoffacker
  • Reading and the Spiritual Imagination
    Review of four books by H.S. Cross


  • De terra veritas
  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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