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In our cover story, the burnt ruins of a chapel at Virginia Theological Seminary serves as the venue for Dust, a play exploring the racial history of the seminary — good and bad — with fluidity and grace. Louis G. Smith has the review.

In News, Douglas LeBlanc updates the status of the contested bishop election in the Diocese of Florida, while Mark Michael describes a new appointment in the Anglican Communion designed to implement the priorities of the recent Lambeth Conference.

Kirk Petersen reports in depth on the firehose-thorough, four-day orientation of the newly elected junior members of the Executive Council, where the new leader of Episcopal Migration Ministries was introduced.

On the internal front, the Living Church Foundation bade farewell to its long-time leader at the annual meeting in San Antonio, where Grace Sears wove the organization’s history into its traditional Requiem Mass.

Paul Wheatley sings the praises of reading the Bible in the original Greek and Hebrew, while Victor Lee Austin declares that celibacy should not be seen as the lack of something, but rather as an affirmative opportunity to draw close to God’s love for us.

In Books, Russ Levenson reviews a poignant collection of meditations on the nature of God, while Lawrence N. Crumb explores a history of Medieval Europe that seeks to rebrand the era as the Bright Ages. Grant LeMarquand examines a trio of volumes by Global South interpreters on the Book of Ruth.

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  • Florida Election: ‘We’re Asking for the System
    to Play Out’ | By Doug LeBlanc


  • One in the Lord | By Grace Sears
  • The Dust Is Far from Settled | By Louis G. Smith
    Why Study Biblical Languages?
    By Paul D. Wheatley


  • Celibacy and Full Humanity | By Victor Lee Austin


  • Above and Below: Reflections on the Spiritual Journey
    Review by Russ Levenson Jr.
  • The Bright Ages: A New History of Medieval Europe
    Review by Lawrence Crumb
  • Reading Ruth in Asia, Losing Ground, and
    Introducing Feminist Cultural Hermeneutics
    Review by Grant LeMarquand
  • Saving Words | Review by Cody E.B. Maynus
  • Jesus and the Church and Reconciling Theology
    Review by Eugene R. Schlesinger


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  • Letter to the Editor
  • Sunday’s Readings


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