Meet Hong Kong Province’s New Diplomat

St. Mary's Anglican Church in Hong Kong is styled like a Chinese temple | Photo: HKSKH

By Neva Rae Fox

It’s been a busy 2022 for the Rev. Kenneth Lau as he welcomes an increased workload in Hong Kong.

Lau was selected in June as general secretary of the ninth General Synod of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui. Then in July, Archbishop and Primate Andrew Chan appointed him as the provincial secretary general.

Lau is well-prepared for his new duties. Previously he served as assistant provincial secretary from 2013 to 2022.

He succeeded, and worked closely with, the previous provincial secretary, the Rev. Canon Peter Koon, who resigned in December 2021 to assume a position with the Hong Kong legislature and governing council.

“The provincial secretary was responsible for the external affairs, such as dealing with the government bodies, ecumenical partners, other religious and faith leaders, public relationship, and was the ex-officio board member of the social services and education run by the church,” Lau said at that time.

“On my side, I looked after the internal affairs of the province, such as administration, publication, ministries, conference and project management, etc.”

Lau foresees a wider focus. “My new role will be inevitably involved with more external affairs, which were previously handled under the capable hands of Peter Koon,” he said.

“Now I have to take up both internal and external affairs of the province; it is definitely the greatest challenge for me in terms of the complexities and the amount of workloads,” he said. “Moreover, my predecessor was superb in diplomatic and public relationships, while I am more an introvert person. I have to catch up, and there will be a lot for me to learn and grow in the future.”

Lau has other responsibilities as well. “Besides the new role as provincial secretary general, I shall be the associate priest at St. Mary’s Church effective September 1.”

A graduate of HKSKH Ming Hua Theological College, he was ordained deacon in 2009 and priest in 2010.

“I look forward to accomplish a balanced work life and ministry of priesthood on both the administrative and pastoral horizons,” Lau said, “and most importantly to be a humble servant of our Lord God.”


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