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The October 2 Fall Books issue of The Living Church is available online to registered subscribers.

Our cover stories explore Queen Elizabeth’s deep personal faith and her impact on the Church. Rowan Williams, a member of the Living Church Foundation, offers reflections you will not read anywhere else from his perspective as the 104th Archbishop of Canterbury. Kirk Petersen and Mark Michael describe Elizabeth’s role as Defender of the Faith, and Australia correspondent Robyn Douglass has reactions from the other side of the planet.

In News, Mark describes how the World Council of Churches addressed the war in Ukraine, while Kirk reports on the murder of an Episcopal school teacher and plans for the second attempt to elect a bishop in the Diocese of Florida.

With Episcopal support, two “Boys from Beirut” are enjoying a year abroad at a prestigious school in Maine, and Neva Rae Fox has the story.

Poet John J. Brugaletta explains why “Christianity has never been completely hospitable to poetry.” Molly Jane Layton describes her path from childhood to ordination, starting with her parents’ conviction that women should not preach to men.

“There is no neutral conception of healthcare with which religion might interfere,” Stewart Clem writes. “There are simply competing visions of healthcare.”

And then, of course, a trove of Fall Books.  Reviews of Jonathan Franzen’s Crossroads; a beautiful new Cambridge Bible; studies of English poetry and African ecology; and evocative titles: The Loneliness Epidemic; How to Inhabit Time; and The Life We’re Looking For.

All this plus People & Places and Sunday’s Readings, from an independent voice serving the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion since 1878. Consider subscribing today.


  • Queen Elizabeth II, ‘Defender of the Faith’
    By Kirk Petersen and Mark Michael


  • Queen Elizabeth’s Anglican Faithfulness
    By Rowan Williams


  • Beirut Boys Return to Maine for Another Year
    of Schooling | By Neva Rae Fox

On Writing Poetry Honestly | By John J. Brugaletta

  • Lambeth and Women’s Ordination
    By Molly Jane Layton


  • Healthcare and Christian Witness in a Secular Age
    By Stewart Clem


  • Scripture and the English Poetic Imagination
    Review by David K. Anderson
  • ESV Diadem Reference Edition | Review by Ryan N. Danker
  • Crossroads | Review by Susie Y. Kim
  • The Loneliness Epidemic | Review by Clint Wilson
  • How to Inhabit Time | Review by Timothy Jones
  • The Life We’re Looking For | Review by Matt Erickson
  • African Ecological Ethics and Spirituality
    for Cosmic Flourishing | Review by Lucas Briola


  • People & Places
  • Sunday’s Readings


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